Monday, December 23, 2013

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?
I am fascinated by these shepherds. We tend to think of them as men. They were, of course, “lads” who were cheap labour.
They had no doubt snuck booze up the hill, and so it was not surprising that they saw things!
They were having a hoot! As lads do! No responsibility and too much to drink.
In the boredom of the hillside, perhaps one of them sees some activity in the stable down the way. And ‘being lads' ; with nothing else to do. Off they go to have a look.
Who knows what they saw there, or what they thought they saw. Faith tells us that they had an encounter with God. 
Are we some times so busy looking for God in the holy places that we actually fail to see that he is already there in the places where we live?
He is there when we go because we are bored, or we haven’t anything better to do.
God is already there....the spiritual teachers remind us that God has already prepared a  place for us. Though we think we have deigned to honour God with our presence, God actually invites us to live our life not out of some perverted  holy paradigm which has no connection with reality, but where he has already prepared a place for us.
It is as real as the boredom and the curiosity that we experience every day.
God saying to us “What are you looking at?”
What am I looking at? What do I want from God?

These shepherds, they got it for a moment. And their hearts soared

Glory to God in the highest!

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