Thursday, August 27, 2015

Time to move on

It has now been well over a year since I stopped
being the Parish Priest of Coromandel Valley.
I found my time (18 years+++) as the PP
quite satisfying
I enjoyed it;
though you don't spend nearly two decades anywhere and find that it is all smooth sailing.

Indeed during that time my wife and I separated (twice) and then divorced. The parish was kind.
I do give thanks for the kind support of Pam, and Elaine, of Robyn and Gary. Elizabeth and Cath & Mike. But it was hard.
Really appreciated the  common sense of Karen, and of my close friends Cath and Mike.   there are more I could mention...
Many were so kind, and I loved the care of Jenni and Corowood Choir. Dear Mary was so strange ( a pun) but always so positive. I enjoyed robust conversation with  Grace and Ray. Joan and Cathy, Wendy and Pat...And dear Margaret was always so loving....and brought eggs! (miss those eggs!)

And many, many others
This will be my last post on coromandelpreachings.

The time has come to move on

love to you all