Friday, February 19, 2016

Amazing Grace

As a priest you don't get to pick your parishioners
nor should you!
But you get gems
(almost everyone is a a gem)

I want to say about Grace that she was Amazing

Unfortunately Barack Obama
stole my theatrics by singing at a funeral
"Amazing Grace how sweet the sound"

He had better press coverage!
None of us who knew her
would doubt that she was amazing
I chose the classic passage from John

         God so loved the world, that he gave his only son

Because it totally characterises Grace's faith.
God is not out to get us.,
God seeks to bring us together.

In the last few weeks we have talked about a number of difficult issues
Issues where human relationships have torn us apart.
Always we have spoken
of God's desire that people should  be
brought together

We don't always get this
One day as I left (as I usually do )
with what ever little prayer I could offer
I prayed for 'reconciliation within the family'
at funeral times this is often to the fore.

I was moved that Grace
in some weakness and physical discomfort
was able to to say something like
"yes Lord"
It was her way
and her desire

Yes Lord
we believe
that you are the Christ
and can and will bring us together

I thank God
that I have known a faithful woman
who was Amazing
so trusting
and who, along with God's  Holy Spirit
invites us to trust
in the  amazing grace
reconciliation, love and forgiveness