Thursday, August 27, 2015

Time to move on

It has now been well over a year since I stopped
being the Parish Priest of Coromandel Valley.
I found my time (18 years+++) as the PP
quite satisfying
I enjoyed it;
though you don't spend nearly two decades anywhere and find that it is all smooth sailing.

Indeed during that time my wife and I separated (twice) and then divorced. The parish was kind.
I do give thanks for the kind support of Pam, and Elaine, of Robyn and Gary. Elizabeth and Cath & Mike. But it was hard.
Really appreciated the  common sense of Karen, and of my close friends Cath and Mike.   there are more I could mention...
Many were so kind, and I loved the care of Jenni and Corowood Choir. Dear Mary was so strange ( a pun) but always so positive. I enjoyed robust conversation with  Grace and Ray. Joan and Cathy, Wendy and Pat...And dear Margaret was always so loving....and brought eggs! (miss those eggs!)

And many, many others
This will be my last post on coromandelpreachings.

The time has come to move on

love to you all


Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Bishop belongs to all

The bishop belongs to all.
Let no one be scandalized if I frequent
Th ose who are considered unworthy
Or sinful. Who is not a sinner?
Let no one be alarmed if I am seen
With compromised and dangerous people,
On the left or the right.
Let no one bind me to a group.
My door, my heart, must be open
To everyone, absolutely everyone.
The Most Reverend Dom Hélder Pessoa Câmara
former Archbishop  of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife
This is taken from the installation of Bp Katherine Jefferts-Schori many years ago as the American Presiding Bishop
She has in my mind been a great leader during difficult times

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Alan Gregory -

“For he is an Englishman”
This is my text for today it is taken from the book of HMS Pinafore  and remains steadfast in the heart of those who know about such things!!

Elaine and I had a couple of nice talks about Alan
And one was “He is an Englishman”
But I am also aware that he is OZ-TRAL-IAN
How deeply Alan loved this country, was passionate about conservation
And the modern day issues that face us
Elaine is tiring of the present day discussion of execution
But I am sure Alan would have 
a few wise words to say

For me, as a Christian
I have a slight problem
I don’t think Alan would identify himself as a believer
YET he would sing in our choir 
The Corowood Choir
‘Jesu du bist meine Freude’
But more excitingly, he and Elaine used to play for our Christmas Eve Service. Simple Carols. 
For a Children’s Service.
His sensitivity as a musician
was very apparent to me.
I am a Cellist......he was much better than me

Quelle est cette odeur agreable? 
There was more to it than that
Elaine and Alan played the Christmas mystery
and their relationship
was just amazing
(I suspect she would demur)
I shudder at the intimacy
Family. Children and grandchildren
They had their issues
But Elaine and Alan  
had love.
If w are sad about anything today (and of course we are)
it is that  Alan has gone
You know they loved each other

Alan struggled to name this as God’s  love
as Jesus’s love

I don’t have such a struggle.
He was a lover,

But also he gave himself to love :
Elaine, his children, his  grandchild
This country: for he is Australian
and I  for one 
am glad to have shared my life with him

Good man!, Great scientist! Great father! Great and even greater grandfather