Thursday, December 05, 2013

Strumpets ahoy!

What’s a ‘Strumpet?

I did wonder how long it would be before people realised that my weekly preaching notes had become The ‘Strumpet.  It was one of those things I did when I was wondering if anyone actually read them! 
Six weeks later one person asked me “What does preaching have to do with prostitutes?”
And attempted to take me to task.
I would have thought the answer to the question was pretty obvious “The Gospel is probably more about prostitutes than about ninety nine righteous people “ (Luke 15:7)
My churchwarden did note that she thought it was short for Stephen’s Trumpet. And so, lest I offend tender consciences, it has become!
The ambiguity of it all is something that has impinged on my life over the last decade at least.

I decided at one study group when we were talking about healing that I, like many others, had been subject to depression. I was rather shocked by how that seemed to unlock a huge sigh of relief, from others who who had felt as I so often had that being sick was some how a weakness. There are other things too. So I am blowing my trumpet a little bit louder! 

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