Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Positively the last

There is so much to write about Christmas….this is positively the last…this year

Christmas is a quite difficult time for us to interpret
I suspect we make it more difficult than it needs to be.
St John says in the introduction to his Gospel.
“The Word was made flesh, and dwelt amongst us!”
He is, of course, talking about Jesus.
Simply saying that if we want to know what God is like then you can know this
Because there is a man, Jesus, who is fully God.
If you want to know what God is like
look at Jesus.
It is important to LOOK AT JESUS
and not merely (or poorly) project our poverty of insight and prejudices on to him.
We need to be like Jesus 
not to make Jesus like us
(this is the Westboro Baptist Heresy!)
what does the witness of the scripture say
...Forgive...Love...Unconditional Acceptance
And lest we forget
it says it again
Forgive again and again,
love the unlovely
care for the weak and the poor
stand against tyranny and injustice
(this is the witness of Jesus at the Cross)

We are sorely tempted
to make Jesus like us
rather than to heed the call to be like him.
The Word was made flesh
Not so that God might be dragged down to our level
But rather that we might
be what God intends us to be
the image of his glory.
We make this difficult because it is challenging.

Are we up for the challenge?

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