Friday, December 27, 2013

Dream a little dream!

Readings for the First Sunday after Christmas 29th December 2013 Isaiah 63:7-9 Psalm 148 Hebrews 2:10-18,Matthew 2:13-23
Dreams feature prominently in Matthew's account of the Christmas story. I occasionally go back through my daily jottings and find dreams that I am amazed by
I wonder how I had such perspicacity 
such insight
and then I am chastened by the fact that I have not taken any notice at all of my dreams.
Herr Doktor Jung was correct! We should take more notice of what wqe are dreaming.
Both in our sleep and
in our lives!
They are not all, or even usually, the sort of dreams which reveal to us exactly what to do
though we're often super-fascinated by that sort of dream.
If we look at Joseph's dreams carefully
they are often and mainly the sort of dream which is rather a considered reflection.
On finding out Mary is pregnant
he is at first minded to send her away
After a dream and a time of reflection
he finds a different alternative..
Likewise the Wise Men dream up a different alternative
to the plans of Herod,
and we read 
as Joseph becomes more experienced 
in the ways of dreams and angels
that he is able to protect his family
and then bring them back to safety.

It is opening ourselves to the inner, more reflective, workings
of our psyche and our lives
that gives us added dimension.
We do not want to make too much of this.
But we also do not want to make too little.

This week
Take time to give serious thoughts 

a second visit
Perhaps pay attention to your dreams
Open your ears to you inner-most self
and the voice of the Spirit within.

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