Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sanctus, Holy, Kadosh!

Readings for 3rd June, 2012,Trinity Sunday, can include Isaiah 6:1-8, Romans 8:12-17, John 3:1-17 & Psalm 29

Perhaps the most ‘doctrinal’ Sunday of the year we celebrate the Christian mystery that God is Trinity.
But we misunderstand Trinity if we think it is highly theoretical or speculative.
At the core of the Trinity is the idea that our God is the God with whom we are in relationship.
The language,
Father Son and Spirit is the language of close relationships like a parent and a child
like those with a deep spiritual connection
it is not impersonal or abstract

So this week 

Take a little time to nurture your personal relationship.
Listening and talking is the way to do this

The second dimension that we encounter today
is that each member of the Trinity is there as an agent of Love.
The Father loves the Son, the Son loves the Father, the Spirit is there to enable the love to deepen and grow.
This relationship or rather these relationships
are there to serve each other.
This is the nature of the Godhead
the mystery of the Trinity
each person is there for the welfare of others

  • The Father loves the world so much
  • that he gives his Son
  • the Son loves the world so much
  • that he gives his life
  • the Spirit so loves us that we are filled with love for the Father and the Son.
The idea of Trinity
is that we are fulfilled in community in so far as we give our life for others.

When Isaiah get his glimmer of God’s glory
he is reacting as Godly people have done throughout the generations

“How,” we ask “are others to hear about God?”
“Who will speak? Who will tell?”

The answer is that Trinity life...God-life is about living for others
and we are challenged to say “Here am I send me!”

Where does God call me to live my life for others?

Is there someone who I am called specially to be here for this week?

As part of my call to be a worshipper of the Holy Trinity God I commit myself to this in this coming week.

Do I need to pray the prayer of Isaiah...Here am I send me?

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