Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What do we want? when do we want it?

Readings for Sunday May 13 2012 include Psalm 98, Acts 10:44-48, 1John 5:1-6; John 15:9-17
St John in the section of the first letter that we read today
reminds us that we come to understand 
what life is about
and how things fall into place
by faith.
This is the victory that conquers the world,
our faith.

This is a seemingly innocent, even predictable, statement
which we may gloss over.
But it is also in a real sense the key.
We proceed to live life in a different way because of faith.
This is about a decision that we make to choose to live life in a deeper
more authentic way.
John hammers home Jesus’s bold assertion that everything flows out of the reality that God loves us.
It is not the declaration of rules and laws, but the reality of a commitment to live life in a radical and deep way
So we are confronted again by the challenge to go out and bear fruit
and we hear the promise
that this fruitfulness will be undergirded by God’s provision of whatever we ask for 
and need to be fruitful.
Notice (as last week) this is not 
wish-fulfilment (the new bike syndrome)
this is purpose-driven   
God makes provision 
out of his love
for everything we need
to live the kingdom life
which brings us the promise of abundance
—–let’s not play games with God
thinking God is a slot-machine
—–we are trying to live the life of faith
so we are likely to need:
—–forgiveness, love, reconciliation, patience, generosity
much more important than 
a new bike, or even wealth

Abundant, eternal life
will in the end seek to draw out of us
a life of faith 
This is the victory that conquers the world...our faith

What do we want  and need  to live a life of faith?

What is to stop us asking for it?

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