Saturday, April 14, 2007

See the wounds

The reading for today are the continuation of the Easter narratives:Acts 5:27-32; Psalm 118:14-29 or Psalm 150; Revelation 1:4-8; John 20:19-31

This Sunday is the Second in Easter, April 15th 2oo7 sometimes called Low Sunday

A spiritual companion once advised me when talking of "speaking to Christ"

that if I was unsure about the process

then I should ask Christ to show me the wounds in his hands.

It seems a macabre thingh to do, but it is I think authentic

We should beware the sort of Christianity that avoids the wounds of Christ.

We should not make the mistake of thinking, on the other extreme,

that we should inflict suffering in order to encounter Jesus,

But we have here an insight about resurrection faith that is quite keen.

It will be in pain and anguish

that we come to understand

that Christ holds us in place.

It will be at death's door

that the mystery of life eternal

is most keenly felt.

It will be when we feel uncertain

unsure, and even faithless

rather than when we are confident, strong

and full of spiritual energy

That we hear Jesus call us by name.

This sort of experience is so widely documented

in the lives of faithful people

that we do well to note that it was right there at the beginning

with the apostles

In our life

Look for the wounds

and there you you will find the Christ

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