Saturday, March 08, 2014

Why do we bother?

(look  at Is 58:1-9)
Lent is a time when we dare to raise the term "fasting"
It is not a 21st century concept
because it speaks of giving up....usually food...but also other things
like sex!!!  or alcohol!!
Why would we do this?
The simple reason is that we are trying to claim our humanity!
And to suggest that we are not driven by: food or sex or drink!
That's a pretty big claim in today's world. Often we seem to just move from one thing to another. And we don't question any of it.
Fasting is a confrontationalist discipline!
It says...we eat too much.  TRUE
We are obsessed by sex....TRUE
And just in case we can't cope let's drink (or drug, or exercise, or TV, or buy)  ourselves into oblivion.    TRUE

Fasting simply says...let's not do that ...for a limited period
At least to say "I am not driven!"
Can we in the next 24 hours, week, month.....decide to not be driven by our raw appetites!?

for 7th March

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