Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cleverly devised myths

This is the Last Sunday after the Epiphany this year and a selection of readings are :Exodus 24:12-18;Psalm 2orPsalm 99;II Peter 1:16-21; Matthew 17:1-9

On this last Sunday before Lent we are directed to the story of the Transfiguration (here)
St Peter in his wonderful exposition of this event (which we also read today)
reminds us that this is not 'a cleverly devised myth'
Now this bears thinking about
because it has a lot of mythical qualities...flashing lights, supernatural figures, voices booming from heaven, mystery clouds ..and so on
What Peter says is that this is his experience of who Jesus is.
And this is a reflection that we might be invited to make today
as we come to the end of this Epiphany season
Who is Jesus for me?
This, on one level, is a straight forward question
on another it takes us into this realm of uncertainty and the supernatural.
At the very least
this story of the Transfiguration
helps us to realise
that God transcends the natural world and the supernatural.
Indeed this is really the whole point of understanding who Jesus is...
The Word made flesh
The reality of God in human form.
So we might usefully cast our eyes around our day to daylife
and ask where we encounter Jesus
where are we aware of the dynamic presence of God acting in our life
in the ordinariness of our life.

Who is Jesus for me? - Some reflections
  • Take time to be aware of God's sustaining presence
  • Where have I been aware of God with me today?
  • What does God could cause me to do, be and think today?
  • Is there an invitation to live my life in a way different from that which I often choose?
  • Give thanks to God for insight and pray for grace to be faithful
  • GLORY TO GOD: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; as in the beginning so now and for ever. AMEN

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